First Look Friday!

It’s First Friday again!  Below is the first look submitted by Nata Romeo ArtistaDonna. Thank you for participating in First Fridays!

This is designed to be an interactive post – your participation is what will make this valuable to all of us.  Please look at today’s submission and offer your constructive commentary by replying to this post.  Replies will need to be approved before they will appear.  If you would like to submit a “first” for a future First Friday, please email it to

NataRomeo (3)

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5 Responses to First Look Friday!

  1. Amy says:

    I love the curly Q’s design

  2. Me, too! I’m partial to curly Qs and really like them on this design.

  3. The color scheme is very appealing! It has a dreamy, magical feel.

  4. The bright colors are inviting, and I like the juxtaposition of a bear inside of a pumpkin. It makes me wonder-why? The colors are fun, but I wonder what could happen with this piece if you push the values. It is also unclear to me what the net shape is under the bear. Why is it there? The bottom portion of the pumpkin appears to morph into curtains of some sort, but the bottom portion of that is unclear. I like the fun patterns used as a border, and think you could use more of that fun hand throughout. If it is meant as a border, with a centered pumpkin, then I want to see it on the right of the pumpkin too. I hope that these comments are helpful.

  5. MAC Sheperd says:

    The overall design is interesting—Very dream like with a pencil framed squash floating over a field of colorful spirals and stars, like a child draws a pile of leaves falling to the ground. The shimmering number 2 pencils form a stage curtain that opens onto a scene, a happy scene of a toy bear (with stars on his whistling cheeks and a pink heart glowing with joy) swinging over or behind a tennis net. The bottom of the squash is also a leaf? Nice directional movement, there!

    The design is creatively thought through. Opening to Teddy Bear Picnic?

    Here comes the part that I’m terrible communicating but I will try. This appears to be more of a concept design rather than a polished illustration. The colors are nicely varied and textured throughout yet it’s tonally a little flat, lacking enough contrast or highlights. I agree with Patricia, Push the Values but accentuate the highlights also. I have faith that an illustrator with this much design thoughtfulness has the ability to really ‘let it shine with joy and conviction’. When (she?) thinks it shines too much, (she?) can make it shine even more.

    It’s the wonderfully soft, lulling lines of the squash that speak dream. Having some parts of the lines, such as up near the stem and around the metal band by the erasers, mature more solidly and succinctly would lift the target image from its background.

    I love the whistling, swinging teddy bear but it’s rather static-y. Having looked at this part for quite some time, I thought about how you might accentuate the motion. I thought about ‘breaking the fifth wall’, meaning perhaps give some slack to the ropes as the swing hits its apex and let a part of the swing and/or legs come over the border of the pencil; maybe lean the bear back a little and swirl the leaves around where the motion of the swing displaces the air current and the falling leaves. Let some of the bear escape out through the curtains into the very near ground.

    Go ahead and mix some of the swirls from the field into the inner space. Maybe kick the legs a little, something akin to a teddy bear version of Fragonnard’s The Swing.

    The square lines of the tennis net are a solid grounding but they might connect better with the rest of this joyful scene if they undulated a bit reacting also to the swing.

    I envy your delightful and free creative expression.

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