Organize Your Way to More Creative Time

By Donna M. Boock

If you want to be a writer, you’ve got to find the time to write. 


I know.  Easy to say, right?  Maybe you have a pesky little full time job that gets in the way of your creative freedom.  Plus, perhaps your family expects to eat dinner every single day.  Not to mention the looks cast your way if you send your family about their day in dirty clothes because you wrote instead of washed.

Sigh.  There always seems to be something trumping writing time.  So…what are you going to do about it?

Okay, you can’t skip work.  But, can you set your alarm clock one hour earlier and snag an hour of creative time then?  Or, can you bring a notebook with you and write during lunch?

You can’t starve your family either.  They get very grumpy if you do.

Clean clothes are pretty essential, though my 5-year old son really wouldn’t care.

What about choosing a day and designate it as “chore day”.  I do all of the laundry and  batch cook for the rest of the week.  Then, when that’s done, I clean the kitchen, bathrooms etc. and marvel at how much you can get done in one day when you really want to.

I make Mondays my chore day, but any day would work.  In the morning, I sort the laundry and put in a load to start.  Then, I drop the kids off at school, head to the grocery store, come back, switch clothes to dryer and start andother load of wash.  I put away food that I won’t be using right away and then I start batch cooking.  I cook two meals on the stove, one in the crock pot, and two more in the oven.  Then, I refrigerate three of the meals to be used in the next few days and freeze the other two meals.  Cooking ahead frees up at least an hour daily I can use for writing (really a little more because washing pot and pans is also done for the week!).

I always shunned being too scheduled because I identify myself as a creative type person, but becoming more scheduled and organized frees up time I wasting and I feel more free to write because it isn’t taking away from my other responsibilities.

What are some organizational time-saving tips you have?

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