Call for Pitches from Choices Magazine Editor

Choices is a health and well-being magazine for teenagers published by Scholastic. Unlike other teen magazines it has no ads and it’s for all sexes and genders. Lots of stories about coping: with stress,
bullying, dating, sports injuries, parents. I’m looking for writers who are really care about this audience and totally get their energy, passion, intensity. So please pitch me if you have a lot of voice, are a great reporter, and a great magazine writer. I’m looking for servicey pieces as well as longform investigative pieces. Also always looking for teens, teens, and more teens to interview, use as writers, and advisors. I’m attaching a link so that you can see a flipbook of the magazine (our website sucks! we’re in the process of redoing it so you can only see this on a computer). Please email me at if you want to pitch me.
if you want to see more issues you can click around on the site. And follow us on twitter @Choices_Mag

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One Response to Call for Pitches from Choices Magazine Editor

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