In May, our SCBWI Eastern PA Chapter held our annual Pocono Retreat at the Highlights Foundation in Boyds Mill, PA.

We started out as strangers but became FAST FRIENDS–the beauty of a writer’s workshop or conference. Friday started out quiet and then Sunday morning bustled with conversation…

Workshops and conference create opportunities to network and talk to people who GET you from the moment you meet. SCBWI and the Highlights Foundation offer loads of different writer and illustrator opportunities throughout the year.

And if finances are an issue, scholarships are available. I received scholarships to the May 2013 SCBWI EPA Pocono Retreat and 2012 Highlights Workshop Kid’s Book Retreat with Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. Both experiences left me with a wealth of information about the world of writing and lifelong friends who cheerlead for me to this day.

SAVE THE DATE: We’re planning a YUMMY, YUMMY Event for Writers & Illustrators on August 17, 2014 in the King of Prussia area! (Hint: picture books & ice cream) The Sprinkles (that’s details to non-sundae people) coming soon!

Write on,

Kim Briggs

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