Need an excuse to eat ice cream?  The EPA SCBWI is giving you the perfect excuse!

Did you hear about the brand new EPA SCBWI event on August 17, 2014 in King of Prussia Pa?  It’s called Industry Scoop: Picture Books & Sundaes where you not only indulge in the yummy ingredients of a DIY Sundae Bar, but you can also indulge in learning the ingredients of a successful picture book of the yummiest kind from literary agent Stephen A. Fraser of the Jennifer DeChiara agency!  If you’ve been churning a perfect picture book story around, you can’t miss this opportunity!

Industry Scoop Image

You can register by clicking here.  If you are already an SCBWI member, be sure you’re logged in to see the member registration price.  If you’re not already a member, you are still welcome to attend or even better – why not sign up and join us for our other events too?

The Industry Scoop promises to be a fun and fabulous day for aspiring picture book authors.  You’ll hear from literary agent Stephen Fraser, as well as editor at Roaring Brook Press & picture book enthusiast Emily Feinberg, and more faculty TBA very soon.  Also, get some fabulous picture books signed by guest authors Jennifer Hansen Rolli, the award-winning Greg Pizzoli and more TBA!

Now…how about some fun leading up to the event?

CONTEST:  Register for the Industry Scoop Event, then return to this post and reply below with a Children’s Book Inspired Sundae Name & what ingredients would be in it.

For example, how about a Brownie B. Jones sundae?

It would “Tickle” the taste buds in your “Big Fat Mouth” with an ounce of “Peep in Her Pocket marshmallows”, some “Mushy Gushy Valentine” strawberries, and a scoop of “Aloha-ha”-hot fudge.  But you won’t find any “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” on this sundae!

The SCBWI team will randomly draw 5 winners from all entries who will receive 20% off registration to the Fall Philly event scheduled for November 8 as well as full bragging rights.  Winners will be announced at the August 17th event.

Warning – you may have to taste test many, many bowls of ice cream before you find the right concoction for entry.  Please wear elastic pants and a frozen-treat induced smile.

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  1. El Skippito Friskito Fudgito

    Two scoops of dulce de leche ice cream
    A spoonful of Mr. Fluffernutter marshmallow and peanut butter
    A handful of the jelly frijoles
    A dreezle of the fudgito syrup

    See you soon, amigos!

  2. My children’s book inspired treat would be: Blueberries for Sal and Pals Sundaes!
    A scoop of vanilla ice cream nestled on top a fudgie brown-bear brownie, smothered with blueberry sauce. I’d say whipped cream is optional, but whipped cream is never optional, is it? No cherry on top. This is a purist blue-beary experience.

  3. For all the ice cream lovers in Pennsylvania, I’d serve the “Magic Chocolate Tree House Truffle Sundae!” With chocolate lovers in mind, ingredients include chocolate ice cream, Hershey’s syrup, chocolate truffles and can be served with or without tree nuts.

  4. Heather Stigall says:

    Goodnight Sundae:
    On a great green scoop of mint chip ice cream,
    there is a dollop of fudge and a squirt of whipped cream,
    and three Teddy Grahams that are crushed by hand,
    and two red cherries and a sprinkling of jimmies.
    If you’re not in a rush, it will all turn to mush,
    but eating the tasty treat will cause you to hush.

  5. Brinton Culp says:


    Let’s make sundaes! Start with a scoop of pink ice cream. No, we need more, more, more! Make that three scoops of pink ice cream: Magenta Mint Mango, Pink Passion Fruit Paradise, and Pleasing Pomegranate Punch. No, we need just one more—a scoop of Plum Pink Perfection. Add a cherry for pinkalicious yummy! PLEASE JUST ONE MORE? Sure. Mix that pink with a scoop of blue to make it perfectly pretty purplicious. Top with shimmering goldilicious, silverlicious, and emeraldalicious sprinkles. It’s SUNDAELICIOUS!

  6. Moo-liscious
    Fine ingredients can often improve an old classic like the character Sailor Moo. Born by author Lisa wheeler and further nurished by me, the illustrator, Moo grew into a classic. This recipe has an added charm.
    Start with a good quality vanilla ice cream, add a few spots of hot fudge then top with whipped cream covered in strawberry or raspberry syrup for Moo’s pink ribbon.

  7. Nadine Poper says:

    Caldecott Creamery’s Sundae of the Month
    …a frozen “Journey” you will never forget…
    A powerful burst of “Locomotive” Lemon sorbet will line the bottom of the “Wuffle” waffle bowl.
    Topped next with a fine layer of “Grandpa Green’s” Pistachio swirled with a hint of “Click Clack Moo”se Tracks. A “small small pond” of “Polar Expresso” chocolate will form on your spoon while scooping out “Pop corn and Ma Goodness” Ganache. Gingerly along the sides of the bowl you will find “flotsams”…oops, I mean dollops of “Pigeon” Peach, “Rapunzel” Raspberry, and “Flora Flamingo’s” Fudge with a delicate drizzle of “Cabret Caramel a la Hugo”. Then generously sprinkle with “Jumanji” Jimmies. Top off with “ooblecks” of “blueberries” and “owl moon” cherries.
    You might ask, “May I bring a friend?”. I say with ice cream there’s “always room for one more”. Your “tops and bottoms” might not fit afterwards, but invite “one cool friend” or “the three pigs” to help.
    Mei Li! (beautiful)

  8. “The Little Scoop”

    Inspired by one of my favorites “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton and of course my favorite flavors.

    Once upon a time there was a Little Scoop way back in a cartoon in the freezer. The Little Scoop was curious about the Ice Cream Sundae and wondered what it would be like to be in one. One day the Little Scoop was surprised to find herself on top of a sliced banana with two other scoops build up alongside of her. Pretty soon she was drenched with warm, melted peanut butter and then came the torrential down pour of dark chocolate sprinkles. After the finishing touch of squirted whipped cream and a giant succulent strawberry on top no one noticed the Little Scoop any more. The Little Scoop was beginning to melt and blend and didn’t like being in an Ice Cream Sundae. She dreamt of the day where she could once again be just a Little Scoop…..well maybe a Little Scoop on a sugar cone with sprinkles!

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