Cafe Chats and Awesome Author/Illustrator Giveaways Coming Soon!

by Lindsay Bandy
In case all those contests, ice cream, and amazing speakers weren’t enough to make you want to come to our Insider Scoop Workshop on August 17, I am thrilled to announce a round of tantalizing giveaways: Signed books and FREE critiques from our guest authors and illustrators! Helpful and hilarious interviews with our faculty and local talent will be coming up in a series called Café Chats, and prizes will be given to random commenters! Don’t miss a single one!
Interviews are on the way from Stephen Fraser, Emily Feinberg, and Joanna Cardenas, offering some helpful submission tips—and a little fun and games.
Jennifer Hansen Rolli, Nancy Viau, and Greg Pizzoli have all agreed to sit down in the Eastern Penn Points Café with me to chat, and they are each planning on giving away a free 15-20 minute critique at the Industry Scoop workshop to a lucky commenter! That’s right, three people will get complimentary critiques from these great people. Plus, Nancy’s giving away a signed hard copy of LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! (nominated for PA’s 2014-2015 Keystone to Reading Book Award) and a signed copy of her middle-grade: novel SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD. Jennifer’s giving away a copy of her debut picture book, JUST ONE MORE!
Stay tuned and tell your friends…hope to see you there!
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One Response to Cafe Chats and Awesome Author/Illustrator Giveaways Coming Soon!

  1. Wendy says:

    You guys are tremendous. Aug. 17 is going to be great.

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