Adrienne Wright, Our VERY own Illustrator Coordinator WON a WOOP!!

Eastern PA SCBWI Members WIN again!!

Kit Grindstaff won the Atlantic Region Crystal Kite Award a few months back.

Then on Friday, July 25, 2014, Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser announced our very own Illustrator Coordinator Adrienne Wright WON a WOOP!!

Check out the announcement:


  We are thrilled to recognize the following RT members with these prestigious awards.

 The Work-of-Outstanding-Promise (WOOP) award winner is Adrienne Wright, currently the Illustrator Coordinator of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Adrienne wins for the work-in-progress, Have You Seen Hector? A True Story of Apartheid.  She plans to use the $2,000 grant to travel to South Africa to further research this pivotal story of our times.  The runner-up for the WOOP is Michele Corriel, RA from Montana.  Her nonfiction work-in-progress is Ice:A Race For Answers.  She will use the $500 grant money to travel to interview ice scientists in more detail.   We hope to see both of these books published before too long.”

YEP! That’s right, Adrienne won. It’s a HUGE honor and a VERY Big Deal! Donna Boock and Kim Briggs would like to congratulate Adrienne on her accomplishment.

Adrienne is a wonderful and amazing person, and some of you heard the first page of her story during the Pocono Retreat. The agents LOVED it–Great things are in Adrienne’s future.

Please pass on your congratulations to her by commenting on the blog.

Write on,

Kim Briggs and Donna Boock

Regional Advisors for Eastern PA




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8 Responses to Adrienne Wright, Our VERY own Illustrator Coordinator WON a WOOP!!

  1. artistadonna says:

    Congratulations Adrienne!!!!

  2. Debra Cooper says:

    Congratulations, its great to hear about those reaching their goals!

  3. Hooray for you, Adi! Enjoy your trip. Can’t wait to read your book!

  4. Woot for the WOOP! EPA SCBWI members rule! (in 2014, anyway.) Congrats, Adrienne 🙂

  5. Yay, Adrienne! (using my Rocky voice 🙂 )

    • ShebaBagg says:

      Hi Adrinne This great news well done you must be so thrilled You certainly deserve the honor Love Shebaxx

  6. gayleckrause says:

    Congrats, Adrienne. 🙂

  7. Brinton Culp says:

    Way to go! ☺

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