First Fridays Are Back!


Got a manuscript or some illustrations you’d love some opinions on? Need a few pairs of fresh eyes? We’ve got just the thing for you!

E-mail Lindsay Bandy at to submit the first page of a picture book manuscript, a poem, the first 1-3 pages of a middle grade or YA novel, some nonfiction, or 1-3 illustrations. You’ll have the wisdom of the EPA community at your fingertips!

Here are a few changes to the format that will hopefully make these critiques even more fun and useful:

  • The Anonymous Option: If you’d like your submission to be posted anonymously, just let me know. I will keep records in my e-mail of all submissions and their respective authors to protect your work. At any time in the comments, the author/illustrator may take ownership and respond the questions or comments of readers, but authors/illustrators are free to remain anonymous! Of course, you are welcome to have your byline on display, too.
  • The Introduction: Please include a few lines to give readers their bearings within your story. Any reader picking up a book in a library or bookstore has flap copy or a little teaser from the back cover….we want one, too! Here are a few tips about what you might include….
    • Genre/Age group: (Is it a contemporary middle grade? A YA fantasy? A board book? The beginnings of a nonfiction article for magazine submission?)
    • A logline (See the post on Logline Logic if you need some direction here.)
    • A 1-3 sentence summary of the main character and main conflict he or she faces, maybe with a teaser to pique our interest!
  • The specific questions you might have for readers: Are you wanting an opinion on something specific, such as narrative voice or color palette or dialogue? Let us know so we can be more helpful! If you don’t have any specifics, that’s a-okay, too.
  • The Word Limit: We’re going to extend the word limit a little bit for novels. You can submit 1-3 pages, or up to about 1,000 words.

Can’t wait to see the amazing work from our talented Eastern PA Members! Hope you will submit often and comment weekly. Submissions will be posted in the order they’re received. If you have any questions at all, just e-mail me!






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