First Fridays: Wienies in Bikinis

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone! Here is a submission from Nadine Poper, and she would love your feedback. Thanks for sharing with us, Nadine! And readers, as always, be sure to “sandwich” any constructive criticism you have with compliments. Enjoy!


Synopsis: Three doxies, Holly, Dolly, and Molly are wiener dogs (dachshunds) that wear all the appropriate dog attire.  Farfel however only wants to wear a bikini.  We never completely see her in the story until the very end because Holly, Dolly, and Molly always remind her that wienies don’t wear bikinis which makes her quite timid.  Her self-consciousness eventually breaks free and the other three are left with a wonderful discovery!

Each paragraph is one page, so actually I have a few pages here.

A little about me…I self-published Dachshunds in Moccasins, a picture book about a wiener dog who finds a forever home and a special pair of shoes.  Here is a link to the trailer …
I am a foster home and volunteer for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and own two dachshunds.

Wienies in Bikinis





…And Farfel.


Holly’s sweater is purple.   Molly’s sweater is pink.  Dolly wears a sweater in different shades of ink.

Farfel’s sweater is…well, isn’t.  You see, Farfel likes bikinis but…

“Wienies don’t wear bikinis!”   (shouted by the other three)


Holly’s dress is lacy.  Molly’s dress is frilly. Dolly wears dresses that are just so silly.

Farfel’s dress is…not!  Farfel wears a bikini but…

“Wienies don’t wear bikinis!”


Their costumes come in all shapes and sizes.  Dolly’s costume even won prizes. 

Farfel’s costume didn’t win.  She never entered in because….

“Wienies don’t wear bikinis!”


Dachshunds in moccasins,  (title of my first book)

But no wienies in bikinis.


OMG! Collars jewel-studded and full of bling.  Fancy collars that even ring. 

Wear collars AND swimwear….What????  No Way!  “Swimwear only”, Farfel will say.

“But it is rude for a wienie to wear a swim suit!”

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4 Responses to First Fridays: Wienies in Bikinis

  1. Hi Nadine! You’ve chosen great names for your characters…I love how the first three rhyme, and then there’s poor Farfel! I can envision really adorable pictures for the doggies in their costumes and outfits, too. The idea of a a wiener dog in a bikini is hilarious and cute. I’m wondering,though, why can’t wienies wear bikinis, since they can wear all of those other things? Maybe this would be explained later in the story, or somehow in the illustrations, but that was a little unclear to me, since they’re wearing all kinds of colors, dresses, and “bling” 🙂 Is there a specific reason it’s rude?

    Best of luck to you with your story, Nadine! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • Nadine Poper says:

      Being a doxie owner myself, I haven’t seen too many bikinis for dogs. I have seen swimwear, but not a lot of bikinis. They are out there, but it doesn’t seem to be a very popular choice for doxies. No specific reason it’s rude…do you suggest a better word there? Thanks!

      • Here’s a wild suggestion for you….have you tried writing in prose instead of rhyming? I think this story might be held back by the constraints of rhyme. I think it’s a great idea, and it could have really adorable and silly pictures. It could also teach a great lesson about being yourself!

        P.S. Have you ever read The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey? We brought it home from the library last week, and it’s hilarious! Thought you might like it 🙂

  2. Nadine Poper says:

    The Hallo-wiener is one of my all-time favorite children’s books!! I read it every year to my students!

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