Do You PiBo? by Lindsay Bandy

November is right around the corner! Ahh, yes, a bucket of Halloween candy to feast upon after the kids have gone to bed (anything chocolate-peanut butter is Momma’s!). Fall Philly!! Holiday preparations. And 30 days of picture book ideas!

Author, super-blogger, SCBWI RA and mom Tara Lazar is about to commence her 6th year of Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo), a fun counterpart to National Novel Writer’s Month. Each day, an inspiring guest blog post by a picture book author and/or illustrator is featured. The point is to get inspired, keep a notebook of daily ideas that you can work on the whole year through, and learn from some really cool people! Oh, and there are PRIZES for registered participants, including pitches to agents and editors. So, if you write picture books and haven’t done so yet, check it out! Click on Tara’s blog, Writing for Kids While Raising Them, and be inspired!

I participated last year for the first time, and I learned so much. Alas, this November is too hectic for me, but I plan to read the daily blogs and jot down a few ideas if they decide to pop in.

So, if you are going to PiBo, comment and let us know so we can all cheer you on!

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6 Responses to Do You PiBo? by Lindsay Bandy

  1. I’m a PiBoIdMo’er! Tara organizes fantastic posts to push our creativity and productivity envelopes. Still time to join this year!

  2. hmmmmm says:

    I’m also in.
    This will be the third of these on line dealios I’ve done (along with Paula Yoo’s 2014 NaPiBoWriWee (, and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen’s “Character Building Summer School” ( this past summer. All have been really great, offering nice focus, great insights and much appreciated virtual-camraderie.

  3. erikammon says:

    I’ll be PiBoIdMoing for the first time this year! I’ve loved being a part of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 and have learned a lot there. I’m hoping to learn a lot during PoBoIdMo, too!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the other online camps, guys!

  5. Sandy Asher says:

    Hi, Lindsay — Your followers might be interested in reading about my year of participating in all the on-line challenges I could find — sometimes two or more at once! — including PiBoIdMo. It was wild, but it was productive. So far, I’ve sold two stories to Highlights High Five and a poem to an anthology. And I’ve just signed on with a new agent (my former agent was not interested in picture books) after submitting some of the stories the challenges inspired as samples, so the benefits continue. See “Making On-Line Challenges Work for You” at Writers at Work, David Harrison also chimes in with his thoughts on leading on-line challenges. Enjoy!

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