A Cafe Chat With Regina Brooks, Agent and President of Serendipity Literary

IDA Design

IDA Design

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s hard to believe that Fall Philly is just one week away. I can’t wait! So many interesting and fun things are planned….not least of all workshops with Regina Brooks!


Lindsay: Welcome to the Eastern Penn Points Cafe, Regina! We’re so glad you stopped by to chat. As we settle into our cozy booth, are you snacking on anything? 

Regina: Dried cherries and raw almonds, and sliced cucumbers

Lindsay: We’re honored to have you as a faculty member at our upcoming Fall Philly event. Can you give us a little teaser about what we can expect from you?

Regina: I plan to inspire, educate, and listen to great ideas.

Lindsay: Well, we’re coming ready to be inspired and educated! Those thinkers hoping to wow you with their great ideas would like to know: Your ideal client would…..

Always:  write, revise and be patient with the process

Never: complain, compare, or go rogue on social media

Lindsay: How soon should submitters follow up with you?

Regina: 2 weeks after the conference

Lindsay: What is the greatest advantage for writers in having a literary agent? 

Regina: A partner  who can explain the process, share in  the highs and lows, and help to make your book sell in multiple channels

Lindsay: You are about to become the first literary agent on the moon! There’s not much room in your suitcase, what with your spacesuit and all, but you finally have time to read whatever you want. What one book do you pack to pass the time? 

Regina: I really tried to figure out a good answer to this one.  I really did.  I think I’m going to have to cheat by saying I’d bring my iPad, it’s thin you know, and I’d download a slew of books to complement my adventure.

Lindsay: Smart move! You could probably finish several in that time, huh? What one non-literary item do you pack?

Regina: A silk ribbon

Lindsay: You’ve been granted the ability to time travel for one day only. What one woman from the past do you choose to visit?   

Regina: Taweret. She was the goddess of Birth and  Rebirth

taweret wikimedia commons

taweret wikimedia commons

Lindsay: And now, for rapid-fire favorites! Name your favorite….

Type of shoe: Any nice platform shoe, I love the high heels

Candle scent: currant

Movie Like Water for Chocolate

Place to read: Anywhere near a body of water, preferably near my home by the shore

Mode of transportation:  Private  jet

Book on writing: Writing Great Books for Young Adults

Thing about being a literary agent: Ability to stay curious, meet interesting smart people and learn a number of disciplines

Lindsay: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Regina! We can’t wait to meet you at Fall Philly!

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3 Responses to A Cafe Chat With Regina Brooks, Agent and President of Serendipity Literary

  1. Reciting that mantra: write, revise and be patient with the process

  2. Reblogged this on Jacqui Benford and commented:
    My newest role model Regina Brooks!

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