Writing Advice from Best-Selling Authors Stephen Chbosky and Jay Asher, by Jennie K. Brown

There are some major perks (no pun intended – and you will see why soon enough…) to being the President of the PA Council of Teacher of English and Language Arts.  For example, a few weeks ago, I had the awesome pleasure of spending time with award-winning author, director and producer Stephen Chbosky and amazing writer Jay Asher. You probably best know Stephen as the author and screenwriter of Perks of Being a Wallflower and Jay as the author of Thirteen Reasons Why. Both authors were two keynote speakers at the PCTELA annual conference. Although much of their addresses discussed their interactions with English teachers throughout their lives, they also spoke of their writing life and writing process. Below are a few writing “tips” Stephen and Jay gave during their keynote speeches and a few more they shared with me over dinner and email.

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One Response to Writing Advice from Best-Selling Authors Stephen Chbosky and Jay Asher, by Jennie K. Brown

  1. Sandy Asher says:

    Generally good advice, but I have to quibble with #3. I’d say: Find a system that works for you, one that you can commit to comfortably, and stick to it. I commit to pages, not time. But I’ve stopped telling beginning writers how many pages, because that’s MY workable system, not necessarily theirs and I don’t want to imply I have the one-and-only acceptable system. Some people write only on the weekends. Some people (teachers, for instance) write only in the summer. If I tried setting that alarm, I’d rebel against it on the first day and never go back. Then I’d feel guilty about not going back. So I’m commenting here to help others avoid that guilt. If it gets you writing and keeps you writing, your way is the correct way.

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