The Write Space, by Jennie K. Brown

Today I want to talk about writing spaces. Many of my author friends have a favorite place where they get the majority of their writing done. Some travel to a favorite coffee shop, some set up shop in a hotel room while on a book tour, and others make a quaint little writing nook at home. I’m in the latter of this group. (But hopefully one day I’ll be on tour for my novels and have to make a writing space out of my hotel room!)

When my husband and I moved last February, I knew exactly where I wanted my writing space to be – in the front spare bedroom on our second floor. I envisioned myself sipping coffee from my favorite Shakespeare insult mug, typing away. Well, this didn’t happen for quite some time. Some days I wrote at the dining room table. Other days it was the kitchen island. A few evenings here and there would be spent on the couch with my laptop in … well … my lap. Some weekends I would get writing done at the Hershey Panera Bread. But I was finding that I did not accomplish much due to distractions in these locations. With an open floor plan, my son playing in the living room distracted me when I wrote in the kitchen, living room and dining room. The chatter and crowd at Panera Bread would cut my writing short. I needed a quiet writing zone. So when my latest Better Homes and Gardens arrived, and I saw the fun writing space on the cover, I became motivated to create the right space to WRITE!

And the best part – I created my space in under $25 dollars.

Lamp: $7.99 K-Mart

“B”: $5.99 TJ Maxx

Vase and Floral Arrangement: $7.00 Michaels

Sea foam – green Tray: 50 cents! Staples

Fabric for Inspiration Board: $1:25 Joann’s Fabrics







Although many people don’t need a set space to write, this works for me! And if you can get in the writing zone in a coffee shop, or need the solitude of a writing nook, whatever get you writing is your “write” space! Already, I’ve added 7,000 words to my WIP – the sequel to Poppy Mayberry, The Monday (Due to my publisher in March – yikes!) in my nook.

I’d love to see pictures of your writing space!

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!

Here are some reader photos sent in….add your photo of your writing space by e-mailing

From Jackie Dilworth:

“I must have a comfy writing space!”


Where Lindsay usually ends up writing…between play-doh and paper snowflakes at the kitchen table.


Carol’s desk (complete with her four-year-old son’s creative inspirations), bookshelf, and favorite foot-warmer!


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8 Responses to The Write Space, by Jennie K. Brown

  1. LOVE IT! Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your process and success with creating a writing space!

  2. Virginia Law Manning says:

    Thank you for your post, Jennie! Prior to beginning an online writing course this week, I reorganized my writing and illustrating work space. After struggling for a year or so, I realized that I needed my writing desk (with keyboard tray and screen) to be adjacent to my bookcase, rather than my drawing desk. Now I have my dictionary and other writing reference books at my finger tips. Since most of my art supplies are stored in rolling carts, I can move these near my drawing desk as needed. Getting organized for the New Year definitely put me in the mood to write! Thanks again!

  3. erikammon says:

    I love it! My wife rearranged a corner of her home office for my own writing space. I used it a lot for a while, but I’ve gotten back into the rut of sitting here on the couch- though I do have a really awesome lap desk. The sitting couch has been a rut, and I like my space in her office, I do ok with my writing, revising and critiquing here, but it’s nice to know I can “get away” when I need to 🙂 We definitely need to create whatever space we need for our creative side!

  4. Lindsay Bandy says:

    I, too, have a lovely little desk in my basement which is my official writing space. Luckily, I went all thrifty like Jennie, because I end up on the couch or at the kitchen table more often than not. It is a nice place to keep my printer, reference materials and various drafts, critique copies, and the stapler (I have a three-year-old. And a cat. The stapler’s gotta hide somewhere.) And then I can escape downstairs while my husband takes over Baribe duty. *ah*

  5. Can we share our pics of our spaces here?

    • Lindsay Bandy says:

      Hey Steve, I couldn’t figure out a way to attach a photo in the comments, either. E-mail it to me (Lindsay), and I will add it in at the end of the post.
      I’ll add my own, too!

  6. Carol says:

    This is great! I feel motivated to work on mine. I wonder if I can find that article in the magazine! I usually end up at the dining room table, but I do have a space I’m sort of working on. The room is now finished as I just got bookshelves installed! YAY! But I still need to put the books on them! If I can figure out how to email you a photo , I will – but I did post about it awhile back… I still have an empty wall that I would LOVE to post something motivational on so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment!!

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