#LoveMadeVisible Day 6: Alli and the Ducklings, by Papa Stas Wnukowski and Larry Poland



Written by Papa Stas Wnukowski and  Larry Poland


Alli the gator was mean, green, and tough.

He ate all the time. It was never enough.

One day while eating a three-day-old fish,

He looked up and noticed a much better dish.

Mother looked scrumptious, so pudgy and yummy.

All he could think of was her in his tummy.

He followed her crossing a neighborhood street,

Keeping an eye on his next tasty treat.

She walked through a gate and into a yard.

Alli now knew he could catch her off guard.

He watched as the ducks dove into a pool.

Swimming together they made Alli drool.

Slowly he slithered with eyes on his lunch.

opened his jaws and got ready to munch.       

But Mother saw Alli and pecked on his snout,           

She quacked to her babies “GET OUT! QUICK GET OUT!” 

They tried to get out but the edge was too high.  

They felt all alone when they saw Mother fly. 

Now six little duckies would be on his plate,

A much better meal than the fish that he ate.      

So Alli slid in with a sinister grin.

His mouth opened wide so they all could fit in.

But the duckies dove deep and swam without fail,

Popping back up at the end of his tail.

Alli turned to his left, then he turned to his right.

But they followed his tail and remained out of sight. 

So how could he catch them?  He hadn’t a clue.     

They still swam behind him; cause’ that’s what ducks do.

They quacked and they quacked, out quacking each other.

Alli yelled back,  “STOP! I’m not your mother!”   

But, they hopped on his back and tickled his spine.

Six duckies felt good. Alli wished there were nine.

He laughed so hard his belly got sore .

 “Please stop”, he cried,” I can’t take it no more”.

They clowned and slid down, used his snoot as a chute.

Alli just smiled and thought, Boy are they cute.

Then, Mother flew back with Daddy the drake,

and some of his friends from Everglade Lake.

An Eagle, a Panther, a long Python Snake,

A gang that was sure to make Alli quake.

But Mother looked down, shocked and surprised.

She couldn’t believe what she saw with her eyes.

Her ducklings were dancing down Alli’s big snout.

The gator was helping her babies get out.

They ran back to Mother who waddled ahead.

Her ducklings were safe so she turned and she said,

 “Thank you for saving the babies I treasure.”

Alli just grinned and said , “It was my pleasure.”

On little webbed feet they waddled away.

Their hearts skipped a beat when they heard Alli say …

 “If ever you guys want to play on my back,

I’ll quick come-a-runnin’.  Just give me a quack.”




Moral: Love comes in many forms.


If you are interested in seeing this story –  go to youtube and enter “Alli & The Ducklings” or simply click the link below:

Alli & The Ducklings

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11 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 6: Alli and the Ducklings, by Papa Stas Wnukowski and Larry Poland

  1. Ha! Even reptiles enjoy a massage.

  2. Fun story! I enjoyed the video, too – though the illustration style was all over the map. I think Alli and the Grinch should start a support group for recovering bad guys. 🙂

    • papa stas says:

      Thank you, David, for taking time to read and comment.
      Glad you liked our little story 😉
      Regarding the drawings – I’m NO artist – that’s for sure – but I had fun making these digital collages with a primitive PAINT program.

  3. Ali says:

    I enjoyed Alli and the Ducklings. I wondered how the ducklings were going to remain safe. Even an alligator can be a good guy.

  4. papa stas says:

    Hi Ali – first off – I like your name – has a nice ring to it 😉 Glad you enjoyed our little story.

  5. Anni Matsick says:

    Charming story, I enjoyed your rhyme.

    • papa stas says:

      Thank you kindly, Anni.
      I enjoyed your art on your web site.
      Any chance of doing something together?

  6. What a fun story, the tension really built. I was so worried for the little ducklings.

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