#LoveMadeVisible Day 10: Dreaming by Adrienne Wright + Giveaway!!


By Adrienne Wright

Adrienne loves words and pictures that move the soul.

A random commenter will be the lucky winner of one print of any one illustration on her web site ! (Mailed anywhere in the US.)

Contest is open until the end of February!

Tweet a hello:  @adiillustrate

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16 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 10: Dreaming by Adrienne Wright + Giveaway!!

  1. Looks great Adrienne, your images and colors are much stronger than when I first met you!

  2. So sweet, Adi! Nice use of hopeful yellow in the background. I like that you can feel the weight of her sleepiness on his shoulder.

  3. Your work is amazing, Adrienne! I am inspired by your dedication to your craft and the beauty it’s brought forth. You’ve always been an inspiration to me- beginning with your website design (which I used as a template for my own) back in 2010. Thanks for sharing— What a great idea to capture a ‘dream’.

  4. Virginia Law Manning says:

    What gorgeous work! This is pastel, yes? It’s amazing the details you’re able to capture! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Heather Pierce Stigall says:

    BEAUTIFUL, as usual, Adrienne! I love your work!

  6. Lynn Schuessler says:

    How very beautiful. I love how an image can elicit such deep wordless feelings. With a pre-speech baby and an Alzheimer’s-afflicted great-grandmother in our family right now, I appreciate illustrations like this more than ever. Thanks.

  7. Brinton Culp says:

    Thank you for sharing your work–it’s beautiful and inspiring. I really enjoyed checking out your website too.

  8. Strong, evocative work! Thanks so much for my being my main lifeline to SCBWI for so many years!

  9. Catching up on my Love Made visible posts … what a wonderful image Adrienne. And your website is luscious! I can only paint with words, and am always so humbled when an artist creates a world and story in a single piece. I wanted to follow Little Red Riding hood and the wolf into the woods.

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