#LoveMadeVisible Day 11: On A Windy Field, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

On a Windy Field

by Ryan Chiang McCarthy


Red wheeling leaf I caught today

within my coat all puffed with air-

did I disturb your dying play

and stain your waning days with care?

You see, my earthy mind was not

in autumn but in windless things,

like plastic trees that never rot,

nor blaze in Fall, nor sing in Spring.

but I, so long forgetful of

the frenzied chill of falling days,

of gusty ways, hope now to rove

with you, to whirl and laugh away.

And now I’m not so heavy; see

my coat already flown and spurned;

the heavy clay of certainty

I shed upon the grass, unlearned.

I grasp your crackling stem- I think

I feel my feet depart the earth!

So you’ll carry me? To that brink

of time beyond decay and birth?

Where winds and sunbeams dream? The lake

of rainbows and the deathless tree

of endless orange- Ah! You break

and leave me, leaf of cruelty.

About Ryan: I’m an MG and YA fantasy writer and have just completed my first MG novel, Bells in the Mist. When not writing, I enjoy traveling with my wife and poring over quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore.

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4 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 11: On A Windy Field, by Ryan Chiang McCarthy

  1. hmmmmm says:

    Thanks for sharing this!
    I love the phrases “windless things” and “deathless tree”.

  2. Lovely language and vivid imagery. Thanks for sharing your work, Ryan!

  3. Beautiful. You really captured the mood.

  4. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful breath of fresh air – which I’m sure will still be swirling in my head tomorrow as March winds begin to blow.

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