#LoveMadeVisible Day 12: Exchanging Stories, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli + Critique Giveaway!

Exchanging Stories

Exchanging Stories

Jennifer Hansen Rolli is a fine artist, author, and illustrator from Bucks County. You can visit her web site for more info on her paintings and her picture books, including her debut, JUST ONE MORE!

Plus, Jenny has offered a picture book art and/or manuscript critique to one lucky commenter! The contest will run throughout February, and more of Jenny’s work will be coming this month, so stay tuned and keep commenting. (Hint: If you comment on more than one of her pieces, you’ll increase your chances of being the critique-winner!)

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9 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 12: Exchanging Stories, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli + Critique Giveaway!

  1. So rich in color! Expressive, bold color and strokes, yet maintains the intimacy of a sweet, quiet moment. gorgeous! Congratulations on Just One More, and best wishes!

  2. Virginia Law Manning says:

    A new Mary Cassatt!

  3. This is so sweet and beautiful on so many levels… a stunning masterpiece! Thank you for sharing your gift(s), Jennifer…!

  4. Madeline Sosnowski says:

    Another lovely moment caught by a very gifted artist. Beautiful and a sweet reminder of my daughters at that age reading their books to each other…Thanks Jennifer for a lovely painting…

  5. Heather Pierce Stigall says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Hansen Rolli briefly at the Industry Scoop when she signed Just One More for me. It’s nice to see more of her work — this is just beautiful!

  6. “Old School” Awesome! Makes me nostalgic for the days before my daughter and her friends discovered texting. 🙂

  7. hmmmmm says:

    Sweet. I love the light on the girls and also really really love those brush-stroke books in the shelves behind.

  8. papa stas says:

    SUPERB authenticity –
    I know two little girls who could have been your subjects.

  9. naestubbs says:

    Lovely. This makes me think of my own girls.

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