#LoveMadeVisible Day 13: Cookies in Heaven, by Kathleen Rupff

linzer cookie

Cookies in Heaven

If God were a baker
You’d be his “special of the day”
His top-secret ingredient
His favorite flavor
His cherished recipe
You’d be the chocolate chips
The “only the finest ingredients”
You’d be – organic
If God were a baker
Every day would be a special occasion
To share you with others
He’d make you for friends
And mail you to distant relatives
He’d have you first thing in the morning
And last thing at night
He’d rave about you all day long
And finish each sweet crumb
With a sigh of satisfaction
If God were a baker
He’d share your goodness with the world
You’d bring healing and wholeness
Wherever you went
Your tenderness lighting up the darkness
Your aroma reviving the faint
Your sprinkles bringing laughter
Your frosting making dreams come true
And joy would fill every belly

cookies in heaven

cookie tray     large heart cookies

undecorated mother's day cookies

Currently working in paper collage, photography, and digital art, Kathy’s interested in creativity of all kinds– including writing, children’s book illustration, and baking. To learn more about Kathy please visit her website.  Follow her “A-Photo-A-Day” Blog on Twitter @KathleenRupff

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8 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 13: Cookies in Heaven, by Kathleen Rupff

  1. Love this poem! You’ve made me crave a cookie… too bad I can’t eat gluten! (Maybe I’ll splurge tomorrow.)

  2. Jackie Dilworth says:

    Wonderful poem and so true.

  3. Lush descriptions and beautiful, tempting cookies gorgeously photographed. Congrats, Kathy.

  4. Brinton Culp says:

    Thanks for the uplifting words–I love that I’d be organic!

  5. papa stas says:

    1 word –
    YUMMY 😉

  6. Mmm….Mmmm… Go(o)d!

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