#LoveMadeVisible Day 17: Tank and Tiny, by Bonnie Yowler

Capture tank 2

This artwork of Tank and Tiny appears in the children’s book entitled “Tank to the Rescue” and is illustrated by Bonnie Yowler and written by Bonnie  and Dolores Warfel.

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8 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 17: Tank and Tiny, by Bonnie Yowler

  1. Lynn Schuessler says:

    It was good to meet you recently, Bonnie–this illustration brought a smile to my face all over again!

    • Bonnie Herniman Yowler & Dolores Warfel says:

      Thank you Lynn, it was such a nice evening and so good meeting you also, hope to see you agai
      n soon.

  2. papa stas says:


  3. The long and the short of it is “grrrrreat” work. Love the subtle leash heart.

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