#LoveMadeVisible Day 24: Love, by Patricia Kreiser


by Patricia Kreiser


close in

or circumstance

together there
sharing air


Love © 2015 Patricia Kreiser

watercolor on Arches 300 cold press
© 2013 Patricia Kreiser
You can view more of Patricia’s illustrations on her web site or her SCBWI member profile gallery!
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4 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 24: Love, by Patricia Kreiser

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous poem and imagery… Simply magnificent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wendy says:

    I want to bend down and join their fun!

  3. It’s a beautiful pairing Trish. The illustration is so natural and effortless. Sublime!

  4. Anni Matsick says:

    Sweet story told here.

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