#LoveMadeVisible Day 28: Letting Go, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Letting Go

Thanks to Jennifer Hansen Rolli for closing out our February art and poetry event with this gorgeous piece! Today is a great day to scroll back through the show to be sure you’re entered in the many critique and artwork giveaways. Winners will be announced during the first week of March.

Commenters on Jenny’s work will be entered to win a critique for a picture book manuscript and/or artwork, too!

Jennifer Hansen Rolli is a fine artist, author, and illustrator from Bucks County. You can visit her web site for more info on her paintings and her picture books, including her debut, JUST ONE MORE!

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9 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible Day 28: Letting Go, by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

  1. Virginia Law Manning says:

    Your paintings have all been so beautiful, Jennifer! They been a bit of light in this dreary, winter month!

  2. I adore this piece for its light and choice of subject a la Mary Cassatt. You are a truly talented painter.

  3. I have looked forward to the daily posts this month. Breath-taking work by Jennifer today! Thanks for this great series, Lindsay. 🙂

  4. Dolores Warfel says:

    Beautifully done. I could feel the love pouring from the painting.

  5. Bonnie Herniman Yowler & Dolores Warfel says:

    So beautifully done, Wow! A pleasure to see.

  6. What a gorgeous painting! It beautifully captures a truly magic moment. Well done!

  7. Heather Pierce Stigall says:

    This is so sweet and beautiful!

  8. hmmmmm says:

    thanks jennifer — another beautiful one! you really do do such an amazing job with light…

  9. Jennifer, your work is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing each new painting on your website and hope to meet you some day!

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