A Cafe Chat with Lindsay Barrett George, by Lindsay Bandy

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IDA Design

This fine Wednesday morning, we are hosting the lovely Lindsay Barrett George, author, illustrator, and faculty member for our upcoming Pocono Retreat! So, take a break from whatever you’re doing and sit back, relax, and get to know Lindsay. Feel free to stop by her web site, too. As a side note, since we are BOTH Lindsay’s with an -ay (absolutely the way to go), my questions are in bold, and Lindsay G.’s answers are in plain text below. Be sure to say hi in the comments, especially if you’re enrolled in her workshop!!


Hi there, Lindsay and welcome to the Eastern Penn Points Cafe! 

We are delighted to have you as a faculty member for our upcoming Pocono Retreat! 

As we settle into our cozy booth, what would you like to drink?

Tea (hot) with honey and Coffeemate.



 And a little something to munch on?

Gee – a handful of almonds always does the trick.

You’ve got it. Say, is that a sketchbook you’ve brought with you? It is? 

Well, mind if we take a peek to see what you’ve been working on lately?

The doodles are repetitive…it’s my way of processing…

but one cute, curious mouse and one very mystified dog.

Sweet! I know you’re passionate about (and wonderfully good at!) creating art centered around nature and animals. 

Can you tell us about the way your pets have inspired your creative work?

I’ve always tried to include my pets in my books – who wouldn’t want to paint their special critter…

but since my characters now (sometimes talk – or think )- in my fictional stories…

living with one’s character makes it so much easier to get into their heads.

I know how they’d react to a situation…what they’d do and why.

And – sure – because I live with my (main) characters…

the things they do – the traits that make them who they are…

often provide (me ) with the seeds of an idea for a story.

Everyone has a story – right?

Even …one’s mouse.

I can certainly relate! I’m always making my cat talk to entertain (or perhaps annoy?) my family! The kitty boy has his own voice, though, for sure 🙂

How have the many different environments you’ve lived in found their way into your books?

Wow – great question.

When I lived in NYC – I made (artists) books about dogs in NYC…

when I lived in Wisconsin  -I mostly made books about chocolate kisses and pillows – so go figure…

But now that I live in the country – my books obviously reflect what’s outside my front door.

Dogs – mice – bunnies…

What I look at every day  – creep into the head…and the simmering begins.

Which comes first: The picture or the words?


well, to put it simply –

first – concept – then words – then pictures, then all the words go out – and then I put them back –

one at a time.

Really – one at a time.

You published your first picture book in 1987. 

What’s one important change you’ve witnessed in the industry since then?

This one’s easy – needing a ‘platform’.

Using social media/blogs/fb – to widen your audience – to inform and fill in the gaps…

about why you do what you do.

The Big Share.

You are perusing a flea market when you come across an old lamp you just can’t resist. You take it home, polish it up, and POOF! A genie puffs out and offers you any three pieces of artwork from any museum (or book) in the world. What might you choose?

 Oh wow…

if only…

One piece by Dubuffet…

a sketch by Maira Kalman…

and the Bonnard painting – of the woman in a bathtub with her Dachshund.

Good dog.

Great choices! Where might you be on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Outside with my husband and our dogs…

traipsing through the woods – we’re building a new studio…

so we’ve been putting some major time into walking

and planning and measuring and visualizing.

Is your workspace neat and tidy or creatively disorganized?

Ummm – how about creatively disorganized…?

but I try and organize everything at night – before the next morning’s work session…

because my cats walk all over my table and push things around dreadfully.

If you could jump into any book (yours or someone else’s) and live there indefinitely, what would you choose?

The 100 Acre Woods…(Winnie the Pooh)


We are so excited to get to know you and learn from you in the Poconos! Can you give us a little teaser of what you have up your sleeve?

Well – we’ll be doodling big and simple – to get back to the basics –

one can never get enough of the basics.

And structure…using patterns – graphic elements that guide and define…

that give a book its’ bookness.


Sounds super! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Lindsay! See you soon!

Hey – you bet!

It wasn’t all that stressful…

Can’t wait, Lindsay #2…

see you in a few…



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  1. Anni Matsick says:

    Hey, Lindsay! I miss seeing you–it’s been a while. Nice to have you appear on this great blog!

  2. erikammon says:

    Hi Lindsay! Great interview! I love using my surroundings for ideas. See you on Saturday!!

  3. I always love these interviews, but this one was really wonderful since I had the opportunity to listen to Lindsay speak at Highlights when I was there in October. Looking forward to hearing her present again this weekend.

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