Time to Doodle & Sketch : Why iPhone Cameras are Wonderful, by Ashley Lucas

 I was definitely the very last person I know to get an iPhone last November. I had heard stories about all the great things it can do for years, but I was skeptical. Well, I must say after using it for about half a year now, I have come to become totally dependent on the phone’s camera function. As an avid photographer my whole life, I can’t tell you how cool it is to finally leave the huge Canon at home and snap away on my little phone! I believe the phone’s camera is a true asset to illustrators (and writers!) for its ability to instantly capture inspiration. Here are just some of the subjects that have given my art a real boost over the last six months:


Pic 1 _ Lady Lucas

Whether you have your own, or just visit them at a friend’s house from time to time, animals are an amazing source of inspiration. Their colors, movements and expressions can be studied over a period of time to really develop a wonderful new character. Pictured here is the namesake of this column; my lovely goldfish Doodle.


Pic 2 _ Lady Lucas

An obvious spark for all of those in the book industry is children. I’m not just talking about the million pics you have of your own; I’m talking about kids artwork as well. My niece generously loves collaborating on artwork with me, which always makes me see art in a new way. I start something with markers and she finishes it. Pictured here are some of our recent collaborations. Dr. Brown Bear from Peppa the Pig is her favorite!

Food & Cookbooks

Pic 3_Lady Lucas

Why not make that thing you do three times a day help inspire your next work of art? Even though I’m not presently illustrating food items, I find cookbooks to be an awesome source of inspiration because of their thoughtful layout and lettering. I also find the presentation of food in almost all restaurants to be photo worthy for some reason or another. You can learn alot about color theory from the way a chef plates his or her food! Shown here is a snap I took from the lovely book, ‘French Bistro’ by Maria Zihammou

Home & Garden

Pic 4_Lady Lucas

I really love the way my mom hung these simple garden hooks on patterned wallpaper. It’s a simple idea, but it looks so cool! You can get endless ideas for artwork by looking carefully around at the homes and gardens of those you visit. I take pictures at outdoor nurseries, parks and waterways for ideas. Next time you’re at a dinner party… definitely bring out the iPhone!

What sort of subjects and photos inspire you to create? Comment below to share with us!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is an illustrator, craft designer and the self proclaimed queen of cute characters. Her first picture book was published in 2011 and featured a trio of lovable Halloween characters named Boo, Bat and Pumpkin. Her most recent work, The Angry Artist, is a picture book for creatives {no matter what their age might be!}.  She is currently traveling around the US and abroad to pursue her passion for making the world a cuter place. Follow her on social media @LadyLucasArt on Etsy, or visit www.ladylucas.com to say hello!
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