Got Beach Read Recommendations? by Lindsay Bandy

Hear ye, hear ye! Summer has arrived, and this is an all-call for summer reading recommendations!

beach reads

Okay, it’s not “officially” summer yet, but it’s June, it’s hot, it’s crazy busy, the kids are finishing up with school, and vacations are on the horizon! For most of us, whether we’re kids, writers, illustrators, parents, teachers, and every-which combo of these, summer’s a time to read.

The month of July on Eastern Penn Points will feature Beach Reads Recommendations from you, with a special twist!

  • Give a book recommendation, but also tell us what you learned from this particular book. For example, if you read a YA novel that helped you to hone your chapter breaks, tell us so. Or, if you read a picture book that gave you a new way of looking at page turns, well, we want to hear about it! A middle grade that’s a master class in voice? Yes, please! Or if you learned that staying up all night to read the best book ever gives you dark circles and makes you cranky the next day, you can tell us that, too. We get it.
  • We’ll feature short posts. A single paragraph or two will do–what should we read and why?
  • I’ll get a cover image, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Send your recommendations to Lindsay Bandy at I’ll feature all recommendations on the blog for the month, and then I’ll read as many of them as I can between sunscreen applications. Looking forward to hearing about what you’re reading and learning!
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