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#PBPitch Event TODAY on Twitter!

Got a picture book pitch? Today’s the day to tweet it. Check out this link, and tweet away  for a chance at an editor/agent like and submission opportunity! PBPitch Event Advertisements

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A Few Thoughts on Voice, by Lindsay Bandy

It’s the big thing everyone’s looking for, from Picture Books to Young Adult right now: a standout voice. If characters, plot, and everything else are the bricks, voice is the mortar. But what makes a voice stand out? I think the … Continue reading

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Check Out Warrior Writers! by Lindsay Bandy

With our theme being “Building Blocks” this month, I want to recommend Kristen Lamb’s blog, Warrior Writers. She is doing an amazing series right now on all kind of building blocks….flashbacks, utilizing time as a literary device, POV, characterization….the list … Continue reading

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Developing Theme in Fiction: What’s It All About? by Lori Ann Palma

Developing a resonating theme in your fictional story may seem like trying to capture fog in a jar, but if you understand the definition of theme, you can begin to spot it growing in your story, as well as consciously … Continue reading

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Time to Doodle & Sketch : Adventures in Self Publishing, by Ashley Lucas

When I self published my first children’s book back in 2010, there was still a great amount of negativity surrounding the process. Luckily, four years later upon self publishing The Angry Artist, things have changed in a major way! Self … Continue reading

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Behave Yourself with Backstory! by Lindsay Bandy

You know that person who tells the story about a five-second incident in the grocery store in a painful, 7.5-minute re-enaction? This happened, then that happened, then she said, and I was like, blah-blah-blah. We want the story to be over. … Continue reading

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What Do You Want to Know? by Lindsay Bandy

As I work on drawing up a new year’s worth of monthly themes, I want to hear from you. What questions do you have about writing, illustrating, submitting, and the industry? What areas would you like to learn more about? I’d … Continue reading

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