Illustrators, Read This! by Ashley Lucas

I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers
‘I Just Like to Make Things’ by Lilla Rogers
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By far my favorite book to read when I’m seeking some inspiration and guidance as an illustrator is I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers. The book is wonderful for visual, creative people because there is minimal text per page, lots of fun exercises to engage with, and advice from someone that’s been making a living as a creative person her entire life. Lilla speaks to her readers from the perspective of an artist, a teacher, and an agent; therefore her advice and tips are perfect for anyone in any visual arts field. The book covers many areas of design other than the children’s market, but it’s core message about finding your joy is refreshing and fun. Admittedly, the book seems to speak primarily to women, but I do believe male artists can find lots of good tips within all the chapters as well. If you’re seeking a great read that you can spend a whole afternoon learning from, this is it! So… bring this book, a big tote bag (I Just Like to Make Things is rather large in size), some markers, and an iced coffee to the beach and I promise you won’t be sorry!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} also likes to make things and draw things daily. You can find her latest illustrative work – such as adorable adult coloring books, in her Etsy store or follow her on social media @LadyLucasArt
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  1. Yes, I love this too, its a fun book to have to stir up some creativity!

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