Time to Doodle & Sketch : My Creative Process as an Illustrator, by Ashley Lucas

As an illustrator, my creative process is fairly simple. There are generally two types of projects I’m working on at all times; projects which I have a deadline for and are very specific, and projects that I’m experimenting with just for fun. My upcoming coloring book about gardening is my current project with a deadline, so I will share a few images below of the photos that inspired me along with pics of me working on the book.

Inspiration 1          Inspiration 2

The projects that have a set deadline usually follow this pattern for me:

  1. Determine the Audience Who do I intend this artwork should appeal to? Teachers, kids, tweens, parents, etc.
  2. Seek Inspiration Look at my surroundings, take iPhone snaps (as mentioned in one of my previous articles on this blog), check out Google Images, look through books at the library, watch cartoons, learn from children.
  3. Start Sketching! A simple white sketch book and some sharpened pencils are my tools of choice.
  4. Polish it Up Black Sharpie markers help me achieve the look I want almost always, so I use them to add a bold line to my drawings. For coloring book illustration this is the end of the process, but for most of my other work I can’t get enough of watercolor pencils and pastels.
  5. Scan & Clean I always scan my illustrations and then edit them in Photoshop. The editing is pretty light, as I’m just looking to equalize the colors and remove any dots or blemishes on the page.

As always I would love to hear about the process other illustrators use when creating their work, so please share a tip or your favorite editing program in the comments below. I am especially curious about the vector illustration process in case anyone reading has expertise in that area. Happy Creating!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} also likes to make things and draw things daily. You can find her latest illustrative work – such as adorable adult coloring books, in her Etsy store or follow her on social media @LadyLucasArt
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  1. violeta says:

    In early 2012, I started a tumblr blog of my sketchbook drawings, and within weeks people started taking notice. Soon art and design blogs were picking up my work, and I was getting illustrations projects. For a long time I worked as a marketing specialist by day and an illustrator by night. I finally became a full time illustrator in 2014 – best decision of my life.

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