Pssst….Have You Backed Up Your Files Lately?? by Lindsay Bandy

I know, it’s kind of a “duh” post. But seriously, back your files up! Lots of us are left to mourn lost work because computers burp or have an all-out heart attack and keel over. If pieces of your heart, soul, and mind are saved on a single piece of electronic equipment, you could lose them at any time.

So this morning, I’m taking twenty minutes to copy all of my files to a thumb drive. And then I’m going to tuck it into my fire-safe box. (I thought of this ingenious hiding place after leaving my coffee maker on all day and realizing it could have torched my house….and my work…while I was out!!)


You can also save files to Dropbox for free. Dropbox is super-duper for file-sharing, and the great news is that if you save a document to Dropbox, you’ll automatically have your files saved both to your computer AND Dropbox. So all updates/re-writes/additions are saved in two places.

Some writers prefer to e-mail documents to themselves regularly. This is great, too, especially if you have Yahoo or Gmail, which you can access anywhere.

Have you ever had an electronic catastrophe and lost work? How do you keep your work secure?

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5 Responses to Pssst….Have You Backed Up Your Files Lately?? by Lindsay Bandy

  1. Anni Matsick says:

    Great reminder, Lindsay! I keep art-related videos on a thumb drive to save space, and I love Dropbox which is also excellent for sending/exchanging with clients.

  2. Anni Matsick says:

    Good point on the email to self, macmail ( is good for that also and you can establish separate files and “smart” boxes to send to (acc to subject line, etc.). It’s accessible anywhere through iCloud.

  3. I use an external drive called MY Passport to back all my files up my Mac. Plug it in and it does its thing automatically, about $100 for a terabyte of data. If we are so “prodigious” to use that much space up we would be lucky. (this is a reference to Sandy Asher’s book jacket that had that typo instead of “prolific” that seh spoke about at the weekend event in Lancaster)

    • Lindsay Bandy says:

      Thanks for sharing, Steve. That would be quite a prodigious amount of work 🙂 Ever since Sandy said that, I keep thinking of that “higher up” cloud in Cloudette that says, “Prodigious precipitation, Pipsqueak!”

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