From Rut-Thing to Groove-Thang, by Kristen C. Strocchia

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5 Responses to From Rut-Thing to Groove-Thang, by Kristen C. Strocchia

  1. Tina Holt says:

    Great advice! I need to get into my groove-thang!

  2. Thanks for the post Kristen, I can picture you sitting in your minivan looking out at the trees, hands poised over your keyboard 🙂

    My rut breaker was to make a rule: do the thing you want to do least, first! At that point in my life, the most difficult of thing to was write. Even though I had a ton of ideas to play with, I procrastinated, judged my ideas before exploring them. I vacuumed, did dishes, even ironed instead of sitting down to write. With my new rule in place I sat down and spoke to myself sternly, “Just 30 minutes. You can do that.” The first few days I was squirmy, then 30 minutes suddenly became an hour then three. And the thing I had least wanted to do eventually became the thing I MOST wanted to do.

    So I have a messy house, who cares when you’ve found your groove and gotten out of your rut.

  3. Oops, I hit the Post button before proofing. Correction: ‘the most difficult thing to do was write.”

  4. Lindsay Bandy says:

    I think this post is the anthem of the writing mom! Thanks, Kristen 🙂

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