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October 2015 Contest Roundup

Originally posted on Sub It Club:
I haven’t been online too much lately. (See my Taking a Break post.  The only one I did all month! Yes, it was autobiographical.) But, once I started looking for contests I couldn’t stop.…

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Confessions of a Pantser Turned Plantser: Nothing is Wasted, by Lindsay Bandy

Sitting in my college creative writing class, I absorbed the words of my pony-tailed professor: “Nobody knows exactly where they’re going when they sit down to write a novel.” 20-year-old me took this to mean that sitting down at my … Continue reading

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Time to Doodle & Sketch : An Interview with Shennen Bersani, by Ashley Lucas

This month I am so pleased to share with you my interview with fellow SCBWI member Shennen Bersani. I came across Shennen’s wonderful work via Linda Evans Hofke; a member of my regional SCBWI group. Although I haven’t met her … Continue reading

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A Continuing Education, by Eva Polites

So September’s theme—education—should have been an easy off the cuff post to write. After all I have been in school since I was four. In my forty-five years in the educational system, I shouldn’t be searching for what to write. … Continue reading

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Illustrator Day Recap! by Virginia Law Manning

Thank you for coming out to Illustrator Day 2015! We hope everyone enjoyed the day’s events, connecting with fellow artists and the idyllic scenery at the lovely Artists of Yardley! The EPA SCBWI chapter is very grateful to the Artists … Continue reading

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Education Connection: A Roundup of Writer Events – Part II, by Lori Ann Palma

    In Part I of my post on local writing events I promised more opportunities to learn. See below for activities being held throughout the fall and winter months.   If you know of an upcoming event or have … Continue reading

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Quotes, Anyone? by Lindsay Bandy,

What are your favorite quotes about writing/illustrating? Please share in the comments! Here are a few of mine…. “If all of writing was as difficult as the first 50 pages, I probably would have wimped out years ago and found … Continue reading

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