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Get in Line for the Roller Coaster! by Lindsay Bandy

Over Thanksgiving, I was explaining the crazy, long revision/submission/revision/submission/revision/publication process to some of my relatives. They were shocked! Did agents really ask you to make changes to your masterpiece? And then editors want to make more changes? Is it still … Continue reading

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Dear Author/Illustrator, Thank you for your book!

Is there a book that’s changed you? Made you laugh out loud or cry? Inspired you in a special way? Helped you to think about yourself or others in a radically different way? If so, give that author/illustrator a little shout-out … Continue reading

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Focusing the Viewpoint Camera Lens with help from Orson Scott Card, by Kristen C. Strocchia

     November’s Silver screen theme brought to mind the book Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.  While it’s a book on craft not cinema, Card talks about using viewpoint like a movie camera lens and provides visual examples to … Continue reading

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Going to Movie School: 5 Ways Films Can Help Your Writing, by Lori Ann Palma

  In a post in March of this year, I focused on tips for writing realistic dialogue in YA fiction . One of the key points I mentioned was to turn on film subtitles (or closed captions) to improve your … Continue reading

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Watch “The Words,” by Lindsay Bandy

Want to watch a movie this weekend? Try THE WORDS! There are no car chases, nobody gets naked, and the ending requires some thought and/or discussion to really make sense of it. But, if you have an attention span, get thee … Continue reading

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In Their Slushy Shoes, by Kristen C. Strocchia

     As school newspaper and literary magazine advisor, I have come to appreciate the many querying tips I’ve heard repeated by countless agents and editors at conferences.  Imagine putting together a middle school publication consisting of 3 sheets of 11”x17” … Continue reading

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Bringing Broccoli to Market, by Val Jones

Hello to EPA SCBWI-bies! …and thank you Lindsay for this opportunity to share my backstory of WHO WANTS BROCCOLI? and how our local chapter of SCBWI played a big part of making my dream come true. In 2010 I was forced … Continue reading

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