Member News and Congratulations! by Lindsay Bandy

I love spreading good news about our members, and with such a talented region, we have lots to share…..

Congratulations to Greg Pizzoli for earning a spot on The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015 list for Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. You can read about Greg’s book, as well as the other winners’ right here.

Congratulations, also, to Gayle Krause! Her MG novel, Twice Betrayed, has been selected as one of 24/250 entries for the First “On the Block” Agent/Editor Auction. It will be posted this Friday on Miss Snark’s web site for comment/critique by the general public and then agents and editors will bid on it on Tuesday, November 10th. Check it out and leave some love for Gayle!

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7 Responses to Member News and Congratulations! by Lindsay Bandy

  1. Virginia Law Manning says:

    Congratulations, Greg and Gayle! Happy 2015 is ending on a high note! Best of luck in 2016!

  2. Anni Matsick says:

    Wow, impressive! Congrats to both Greg and Gayle!

  3. Congratulations to Greg and Gayle! Another one of our members (and one of my critique partners) Eric Bell is getting huge love in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars with multiple agent requests. We’re a great region. 🙂 (You can view Pitch Wars here, but non-agents can’t comment –this is the agent round –

  4. gayleckrause says:

    Thanks Lindsay for spreading the “buzz.” 🙂 ANd thanks to everyone who commented sending good wishes. Fingers crossed.

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