Dear Author/Illustrator, Thank you for your book!

Is there a book that’s changed you? Made you laugh out loud or cry? Inspired you in a special way? Helped you to think about yourself or others in a radically different way? If so, give that author/illustrator a little shout-out this Thanksgiving. So often, we think of authors and illustrators as supremely confident people who’ve “made it” and are constantly surrounded by accolades. But guess what? They’re people just like us, who would LOVE a little Thank You note this holiday weekend.

So, give a shout-out in the comments! Follow them on Twitter or Facebook or their blog, and tell them their work has been meaningful to you.

thank you

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2 Responses to Dear Author/Illustrator, Thank you for your book!

  1. My thanks to two authors whose writing has wrapped me in lovely suspense and intrigue like I’d not experienced before, and whose works I can’t wait to pick up and read again.
    To Sharon Cameron for The Dark Unwinding and A Spark Unseen.
    And to Megan Whalen Turner for the Attolia series.

  2. There are so many authors and illustrators that have touched my life and changed my perspective, made me see the world in a different light and plumbed the depths of another’s heart.

    Thank you Jen Bryant for Kaleidoscope Eyes, and thank you Wendy Mass for A Mango Shaped Space and thank you Lindsay Barrett George for Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse.

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