Finding Inspiration: Nine Resources to Break Your Writing Rut, by Lori Ann Palma

December is the time of year for good cheer and celebration, for family, friends, and festivities. And for most of us, it’s a busy month filled with shopping lists, long lines, and too much time away from our writing. While the busyness will eventually fade, it can be difficult to get back into writing mode and focus on our stories. I’ve found that the longer I stay away, the more opportunity there is for negative thoughts to root themselves in my brain. I begin to question everything—myself, my ideas, my writing—until self-doubt takes over, hijacking my inspiration.
As a creative people, it’s essential that we have tools to right our moods when they begin to slip. Productivity typically goes hand in hand with motivation and inspiration. Without one of these elements, our minds suffer, and as a result, so does our writing. Just as you might use tools to assist your writing, editing, and plotting, it’s also vital to have an arsenal of inspiration to get you back in the saddle after a writing rut. The good news is that the Internet is abundant with content to boost your mood and get your motivation mojo flowing again. From movie scenes to encouraging speeches, a little bit of hope and inspiration can help light your fire and burn away all those negative thoughts.
Below, I’ve compiled my favorite negativity-busters into one post. As you click on the content, consider saving the links so you can return during times of stress and strife. We all need some encouragement now and then, so I hope these words and videos remind you to fight for your writing. After all, it’s never too late to make a comeback.
Commencement Speeches
Pep Talks
Motivational Movie Speeches
·         Scene from Rocky Balboa
If you have a quote, video, or talk that you return to for inspiration, share it in the comments below, and thank you!
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