Sweet Dreams, by Anni Matsick + Giveaway!


Sweet Dreams

This nine-inch square watercolor painting was done by Anni Matsick, a freelance illustrator working from her studio in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. Anni is a Carnegie Mellon grad with a BFA degree in painting. You can see more work on her website and gallery.

Anni is offering an author and illustrator signed copy of a picture book she illustrated, Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! , written by Jayne Rose-Vallee, a Florida region SCBWI member.
The contest will run through February and the book will be awarded in a random drawing to one lucky commenter. More about the book and its creators can be found on their SCBWI Book Launch.

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair

Comment below to enter! Contest will remain open through February 29, 2016.

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15 Responses to Sweet Dreams, by Anni Matsick + Giveaway!

  1. I love your sun-drenched image, Anni! It reminds me a lot of a Mary Cassatt print.Your book looks very sweet. I hope I win : )

  2. What a lovely painting! It makes my uterus ache;) Don’t tell my husband. We’ve already got 5 “babies” and will need to pay for college next year, so he might not be so keen on having to buy more diapers! Dinosaurs in My Hair looks like a fun read!

  3. This reminds me of all those nights I watched turn into mornings in the rocking chair, and the relief when my babies finally, finally went to sleep! My oldest daughter is turning 7 this week, and I can’t believe it wasn’t yesterday. But I am glad she sleeps all night now 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Anni!

  4. kristivaliant says:

    Oh Anni, your colors and textures and that little bit of sweet line is just superb. I love this painting!

  5. Gorgeous composition, color…everything. Anni Matsick masterpiece!

  6. Anni Matsick says:

    Thank you so much, Cindy! I appreciate your thoughts.

  7. Thanks, Anni. Perfect for Love Made Visible. My oldest gradates college tomorrow and my middle child turns 17 on Saturday. This was a nice reminder to cherish them no matter their age.

    • Anni Matsick says:

      Indeed, Joanne! I was hoping to create a universal memory. It’s part of a series I’m painting of children in slumber.

  8. TMS says:

    On enjoy the fact that you didn’t use a static standard cover. It really pulls you in wanting to see more. I’ll admit I did zoom in to see if there were dinosaurs hidden in her hair

    • Anni Matsick says:

      Thanks for feedback on the book cover, TMS; it has been very effective on book shelves and displays. We heard from the mom of one little reader who hides the book because her daughter asks to hear it read way too often, loves to find and count the dinosaur eyes.

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