NEXUS, by JK George



For Asher


Oh speak to me of driving rain

Downpours drenching us to the bone

Your voice ricocheting off the pavement in fervent drops

Rolling off the edge into the torrent


Oh speak to me of tender valences

Dancing like fireflies

Throbbing their signals to form this world

Drawing closer, ever near


Oh speak to me of delicate unfurlings

Fiddleheads playing tantric melodies

Crescendos calling our names

Singing Hallelujahs of photosynthetic choirs


Oh speak to me of sacred cathedrals

The walls darkened with the soot of a thousand candles

The curling, pungent smoke swung back and forth

The breath of countless whispered prayers


The world turns on your tongue

In our devotions


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6 Responses to NEXUS, by JK George

  1. Lindsay Bandy says:

    Gorgeous imagery, Juliet!

  2. Juliet George says:

    Thanks, Lindsay. Much gratitude for your excellent work on the site.

  3. Juliet George says:

    Special thanks to Lindsay for the image selection.

  4. Kim says:

    I absolutely love this…beautiful

  5. Stunning metaphors Juliet!! The repetition, the rhythm are captivating.

  6. Agreed. The imagery is just beautiful!

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