Wild wind whistles, ready to play.

He blusters; birds hide as branches bounce and sway.

He swirls leaves and trash ‘til he makes a dizzy pile.

Next, his favorite joke: howling at the moon, wolf-style.

He creeps, playing ghost, ’til night turns to day,

But at sunrise, he’s lonely. He’s frightened friends away.

Wind swings alone thinking, forming a plan:

“I’ll whisper,” Wind decides, “as softly as I can.”

Then Whisper Wind dances and plays the wind chime.

The birds flit and float, the ants march in time.

He brings out the sun, blowing dark clouds away,

And whispers through windows, “Come out to play!”



Lindsay is delighted to be the submissions coordinator and blogmaster for Eastern PA SCBWI. She writes YA fiction and picture books, and is represented by Heather Flaherty at the Bent Agency. Say howdy on Twitter @bandy_lindsay !

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10 Responses to WILD WIND, WHISPER WIND, by Lindsay Bandy

  1. This is lovely, Lindsay! We had some wind the other night! It definitely scared us (almost into the basement!) Funny enough I JUST finished reading FLORA’S VERY WINDY DAY. Another magical wind story!

    • Lindsay Bandy says:

      Thank you, Virginia! We had some serious wind, as well, and did end up in the basement for a tornado warning! I’ll have to find FLORA, too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Adrienne Wright says:

    Very pretty, Lindsay. I love how you have conjured up images of different winds.

  3. Fantastic, Lindsay I love it, the language is so playful I want to go play with Wind, but maybe not today. I’ll wait until he’s whispering again.

  4. Kristen C.S. says:

    Such a fun personification of the wind. I love that so few words tell a delightful story, invoke emotion, and give such strong visuals. You rock! =)

  5. Lady Lucas says:

    This is really beautiful Lindsay! I can visualize this poem as a book… so wonderful! Thank you also for putting together such a lovely array of talent this February.

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