Costumes Ready? by Lindsay Bandy

In just one week, we will be enjoying the lovely serenity of the Pocono Mountains – and the creativity of our members’ costumes at Friday  night’s costume party! Are you ready?


I’m not giving anything away, but I put the finishing touches on mine today, with the help of my sister. My niece didn’t recognize me til I took my wig off, and even then she wasn’t quite sure if I was really Aunt Zee. So find me if you can, and be as silly, bold, outlandish, mysterious, frightening, or colorful as you dare.

It’s going to be a great weekend of pretending, learning, laughing, writing, drawing, and hanging out with people who love to pretend as much as you do. If we haven’t met, please be sure to introduce yourself!

See you soon!

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2 Responses to Costumes Ready? by Lindsay Bandy

  1. erikammon says:

    Totally ready! Costume set!! Eager to learn, write, revise and hike!!!

  2. All ready and looking forward to trying to figure out who is being who.

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