Feeling All the Feels About the Pocono Retreat!! by Dana Kramaroff

After years of writing and observing/stalking SCBWI from afar, I finally joined this past summer and NOW I feel lucky to attend my first Pocono retreat!

Let me tell you, I am super ready and can’t wait to connect, learn, and grow. In fact, I would add this to my bucket list JUST so I could check it off!  (Actually, I may do that very thing!)

my cabin at Highlights

The nerves:

  • Will I get lost on my way? There. I said it. I have a non-updated GPS, an inability to read maps well, and an uncannybad sense of direction. Honesdale or bust, here I come!


  • Critiques!! Will they like my writing? What if they hate it? Ugh. Critiques can be scary. I vow to walk away from my critiques with a dry eye and ways to improve!


  • Being a newbie and trying to navigate my way through this aspiring writer world and the whirlwind of a weekend that is to come!


The excitement:


  • Being at The Highlights Foundation!!! Need I say more? The place, the creative space, the food being shoved in my face! (I hear the food is REALLY GOOD and PLENTIFUL!)


  • The costume party!!! Dressing up, like it is Halloween, with other adults? Yes, please!My costume may not be fancy but I will be glad to wear it and that’s the only clue I will provide.


  • The guests!! Learning alongside of the aspiring and established authors and illustrators, the art directors, agents, and editors will be awe inspiring, for sure!


It will be a great weekend! Join me on Twitter now and throughout the weekend (and beyond) to connect and tweet about other nerves and excitement you may be experiencing!  Use the official, RA-approved hashtag: #epascbwi and find me: @LitCoachDanaK

While you are at it, follow the faculty for the retreat!














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3 Responses to Feeling All the Feels About the Pocono Retreat!! by Dana Kramaroff

  1. I look forward to meeting you at the retreat, Dana! This conference is so welcoming! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  2. Congratulations: joining SCBWI, attending the retreat, submitting to critiques. You are gonna be fine! Have fun!

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