SCBWIEPA Pocono Highlights #2: Get into Character by Kim Briggs

Hi one and all! I wrote this letter to Alison, my Ink Sister, over at our blog: INKSistersWrite. I thought I’d share it here, because it’s all about the Pocono Retreat!
Dear Alison,

I am a closet illustrator. I admire illustrators’ ability to capture a moment, a feeling, a thought, an action in a single illustration. I even went to Zachariah OHora’s Illustrator Session (I’ll talk about that session another time) in hopes that I could glean some of his creative genius. I was so inspired I decided to create a post through pictures.

So here goes…

The Pocono Retreat 2016 was all about character and we kicked off the weekend Friday night with a costume party…

Willowdean, Bellatrix and Max Quacks, Ducktective

AKA Alison, Kim, and Donna (Dedicated SCBWIEPA Regional Advisor Team)

Opal from Because of Winn-Dixie

AKA Susan North


Belle AKA Phoebe AKA Author Isabel Bandeira

and Val Jones, Author of Who Wants Broccoli


Dana Kramaroff


Sophie from Sophie’s Squash

AKA Virginia Law Manning


Strider from Lord of the Rings

AKA Wes Loder

Sophie from Sophie’s Masterpiece 

AKA Chrissa Pederson


Harold’s Purple Crayon

AKA Andree Santini

Another Harold’s Purple Crayon

AKA Erik Ammon


Harriet the Spy

AKA Meg Medina

Effie Trinket

AKA Lindsay Bandy

Horrible Bear!!

AKA Ame Dyckman

Buzzing around with Julia Rix
Erszi Deak as Dog
Oh, there’s that Belle again or is it Phoebe dressed as Belle?

Author Isabel Bandeira

Bellatrix and Effie find compromise

(Wow, Bellatrix is a camera hog)

Bellatrix and Sophie


Max Quacks, Ducktective ready to Quack your case!!
Willowdean, Max Quacks, and Bellatrix (AGAIN)
So Alison, Friday night it really was ALL about Character. Some perhaps bigger characters than others…not naming any names…
Sharing the writing love one letter at a time,
Kim Briggs, Co-RA Eastern PA SCBWI
AKA Bellatrix
AKA Camera Hog
AKA Death Eater Tattoo Artist
AKA Sharpie Tattoo Artist Available for Hire (See Sample Below)


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