Fall Philly Faculty Spotlight: Agent Melissa Edwards of Stonesong, by Lindsay Bandy

Today, we catch up with another of our lovely Fall Philly Faculty members, Melissa Edwards of Stonesong Literary Agency!  Click here to learn more about Melissa and Stonesong, and if you haven’t signed up for Fall Philly yet, hurry! Spots are filling fast.


Hi Melissa! What’s on your wishlist right now?
I’m looking for middle grade with heart and a sense of adventure. I’d love to see something silly and hilarious, maybe involving a team of kooky kids? I am, of course, always looking for heartstring-pullers in MG. I’d like to see some socioeconomic diversity in MG and YA. I’d love some YA about teens with unusual hobbies or skills, like elite athletes. I’d love a teenage thriller or mystery. I always want YA romance.
How about your best tip for creating a strong pitch?
Draft 10 different versions of your pitch, all with a different tone. Try making it really short. Try making it a little long. Try making it sound more romantic. Try making it sound more thrilling. Try making it sound funny. The ideal pitch will be appropriate for the tone of your book, but it will be an interesting exercise in language to push yourself to approach the pitch from so many angles.
Sounds like a great exercise! Thanks, Melissa – we’ll see you soon!
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