Fall Philly Faculty Spotlight: Agent Kelly Peterson, by Lindsay Bandy

Today, we’ve got the spotlight on Kelly Peterson, agent at the Corvisiero Literary Agency! 
Hi Kelly! Super excited to see you in just about a week! Can you tell us what’s on your wishlist right now?
I’m really looking for YA tribal fantasy, a YA or NA fantasy that centers around a strong group of girls/women, contemporary YA with a story that hasn’t been done before, a slightly unconventional adult romance, a truly creepy ghost story, and steampunk. I’m always looking for powerful, diverse characters with their own stories to tell. I love a strong, quirky central voice, and am usually taken with empowered female main characters who don’t need a significant other to help them become who they’re meant to be.
What’s your best tip for a strong pitch?
Be confident. This is your story to tell, and your voice coming through the pages. I want you to be able to sit down in front of me, tell me your story like we’re having a normal conversation, and let me in a bit on who you are and who your main character is. Remember that agents need you as much as you need us, and many times it’s your quirks and personality that can give us a good enough feeling about you to request more. Don’t let nervousness stand in the way of showing who you truly are and the wonderful story you’ve written.
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