Fall Philly Faculty Spotlight: Agent Danielle Burby, by Lindsay Bandy

At last, we come to the close of our exciting faculty spotlights for Fall Philly! Last but not least, we meet Danielle Burby, agent at Hannigan, Salky, Getzler Literary.
Welcome, Danielle!
What’s on your wish-list?
Right now, I would love a YA fantasy that really blows me away. Contemporary YA with a great voice is always on my wish list and I am particularly DYING to take on a modern version of Forever. I’m also always looking for feminist stories and books that push against the status quo. On the middle grade side, I would love something whimsical and filled with adventure.
What’s your best advice for crafting a strong pitch?
A strong pitch really establishes the main conflict right off the bat. I want to get an immediate sense of the meat of the story. I also love to know the story behind the story i.e. why did you write this particular book? What inspired you? What drives your writing? If you can do those things, you’ll usually have me hooked!
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