#BelieveInMagic Day 16: Thirsty, by Lindsay Bandy



If I had wings, away I’d fly
To taste this splendid, sunset sky
I’d bring a straw in hopes it’s made
Of sweet strawberry lemonade

Lindsay Bandy is the Assistant Regional Advisor and Co-Blogmaster for EPA SCBWI. Tweet a hello @bandy_lindsay!

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7 Responses to #BelieveInMagic Day 16: Thirsty, by Lindsay Bandy

  1. Kara Newhouse says:

    Ooh this poem is a delight!!

  2. Helen Kitrosser says:

    Lovely and evocative poem with so few words.

  3. Kristen C.S. says:

    This is my favorite kind of sky! I used to see them most of all in Missouri–Fall or Spring–when the weather was not quite tornadic, but wanting to turn. This brings me back to the hot, flat earth, to the wide open amphitheater sky, to the annual snowfall that melts by noon, and to the many long walks in shirt sleeves. *Sigh* Thanks for writing me home. =)

  4. Had one of these tonight. Thanks, Lindsay.

  5. janet bryce says:

    Your poem is so light and free feeling. Love it! It brought a smile to me .

  6. Brinton Culp says:

    Yum–there’s nothing more refreshing than sunset lemonade. ☺

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