#BelieveInMagic Day 22: Suntaxis, by Abbe Mogell



Snap chap
chump de bump
chump de bump got de mumps
snap chap mumped the bumps
and wore his mamas pumps
dee dat chump got mumps
lumpy pumpy dee dat chump
find herself down in the dumps
with lumps
dee mumps at three no four
I cant say no more
Its just a bore
that time at four
chump de bump she got de mumps
mumpsees bumpsees
look at deezees cheezees
cheekee weekee
sore no more laid out on the floor

Suntaxis— from Greek    sun-‘together’ + tassein to ‘arrange’

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  1. hmmmmm says:

    Abbe: thanks fro sharing this! Have you seen Emily Jenkins’ A GREYHOUND A GROUNDHOG? I think you might like it… 🙂

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