Summer Mentor Read, by Kristen C. Strocchia

books-1245744_1280Got time for books?

Why not put your reading time to work and make a mentor reading list for this summer? I’ve discovered over the last several years of attending the Pocono Retreat that besides a Writing To Do list, I also leave with a list of ideas for mentor reads.

What is a mentor read? Simply a book that does something that you’re trying to do with your manuscript—whether you’re succeeding already or you’ve hit a road block—and does it well. It’s a book that you can go to for craft advice. Dissect the author’s construction. Learn something new or hone your almost-there-skill.

The possible topics a mentor read can help with are limitless. Consider studying a published work for advice on:

  • Introducing characters
  • Character development
  • POV
  • Plot structure
  • Voice
  • Pacing
  • World-building
  • Incorporating foreign language (without confusing readers)…this is one of my mainstays
  • And anything else you can think of/need!

It’s like a DIY writer’s workshop for FREE…or the cost of a book. But where else can you get a writer’s workshop that cheap? And it’s available whenever your schedule allows.

Check out the Notable Book Voices on my blog for some language-specific mentor text profiles. And let us know in the comments below what books have mentored what aspects of your writing, or post a “Mentor Wanted” comment if you’re in need of an idea for a mentor book to help with something specific.

Happy reading and writing!

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    Thanks for the great suggestions on your blog and this helpful post!

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