#LoveMadeVisible: The Flood, by Kara Newhouse

Her heart overflowed

Love splashed to the floor

slipped and sloshed

through cracks and vents




to the apartment below

Till the ceiling gave in

The downpour began

Neighbors grabbed buckets,

Bailed them out the windows

Rushing, gushing love filled the streets

Pedestrians swam in it

Bicycles splashed through it

Cars began to float

Buses rocked on swells

As the tide rolled to the coast

There, her love joined with the sea —

each drop so small

and also infinite.

Kara Newhouse is an aspiring picture book writer and polymath. Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays because she still loves sending little cards to her friends and sweethearts. (And having an excuse to eat her favorite vegan chocolates.) You can follow Kara at her blog or on Twitter.


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15 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: The Flood, by Kara Newhouse

  1. Very, very well done. Thank you for this gift to start my day.

  2. Laura Marinakos says:

    Beautiful words!

  3. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    What wonderful imagery Kara. Everything buoyed up by love and merging with an ocean. Truly LOVE has no limits in this poem.

    • Kara Newhouse says:

      “Buoyed up by love” — a great phrase to keep in mind about how I want to treat others. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. I love how filled this woman’s heart was!!! Her cup runneth over!

    • Kara Newhouse says:

      Thank you, Virginia! I was thinking of the phrase “my cup runneth over” when I wrote this. I remember when I first heard that phrase (watching the movie “Hope Floats”) and it’s always been such a visual one to me.

  5. A poetic valentine. Well done!

  6. Erik Ammon says:

    Oh how beautiful! I can picture hearts filling the city!

    • Kara Newhouse says:

      Thanks! It WOULD be fun to be one of those bicyclists splashing their wheels through the flow of love, wouldn’t it?

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  8. Brinton L Culp says:

    I love this with my own small infinite drop of love!

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