#LoveMadeVisible: Phantom and Christine, by Eleanor Evans

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Illustrator and Art Educator Eleanor Evans

The musical theater is a big part of my family’s life and my children and I are great admirers of The Lord Lloyd-Webber’s works. I submitted the piece “The Phantom and Christine” for the February theme because the image represents romance and mystery. My experience in seeing “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway two decades ago was truly unforgettable, with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman’s extraordinary talents, along with the costumes and set design stunning splendor.

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7 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: Phantom and Christine, by Eleanor Evans

  1. Erik Ammon says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us. The rose draws my eyes every time I look at it.

  2. Joanne Roberts says:

    Still one of my favorite productions after all these years. Thanks.

  3. Kara Newhouse says:

    I was drawn to their connection in the eyes and it took me a minute to notice thou illustrated the Phantom and Christine in the shape of his mask. Love that decision.
    Great piece!

  4. Kara Newhouse says:

    You *

  5. Ooo, I agree with Kara! I didn’t notice the mask frame! Very cool. Eleanor, I grew up in NYC and saw a lot of Broadway shows. I can remember my sister and I pouring over the Playbills together.

  6. Chrissa Pedersen says:

    The mask frame is perfect for this piece! It conjures up the period perfectly.

  7. Thank you for your kind compliments!

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