#LoveMadeVisible: The Button Box, by Chrissa Pedersen

Buttons loosed from shirts, trousers and jackets,

click softly through my fingers.

The soft pearly button from the sweater

I wore on our first date.

The one that fell from your winter coat,

the year the snow was so deep.

Spring came and we gave the coat away.

I wish I had kept a button from your suit.

The blue suit,

the one you wore for our wedding.

But I buried that button. And you.

Buttons, click softly through my fingers.

I’ve kept them all, but one.


Chrissa Pedersen began this fictional poem several years ago at The Barn retreat.


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8 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: The Button Box, by Chrissa Pedersen

  1. Karen Lawler says:

    My mothers button box was a real treasure trove of memories. Thanks for writing this beautiful poem. 🙂

  2. Love this, Chrissa!

  3. Diane Hanington says:

    Lovely poem.

  4. Kara Newhouse says:

    Wow. “But I buried that button. And you.” Packs a wallop. Every word in this poem is what it should be. Great job!

  5. Erik Ammon says:

    Beautiful poem! I agree with Kara- that was a powerful line.

  6. Kristen C.S. says:

    So moving! I can feel the buttons under my fingers as I read. You’re amazing! =)

  7. Don’t we all have a box like this in our past? Thanks for the bittersweet post.

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