#LoveMadeVisible: Zobbie, by Aline S. Iniestra

My monster’s always by my side,

And takes me places in my mind.

But do not fear or ever worry

For he is a really an awesome monster.


He’s fluffy, brown, with a twinkle in his eye.

Yes, he only has one, with such a good sight!

I love him so, he is my friend.

He goes along with me everywhere.


His grey feet and hands look like made of rock.

But he has a heart with a lot of love.

We make funny jokes and pull pranks on my dad,

On occasions we make him really mad!


Sometimes he’s sad, sometimes he’s crazy,

Sometimes he eats chicken nuggets with jelly!

He’s funny and kind, a little smelly but it’s fine.

I like that he is a silly accomplice of mine.


Zobbie makes my imagination fly,

So much that we, well I,  started to write!

I don’t mind if mom says he’s not real.

I know it and it isn’t a big deal.


We do all kinds of funny things

We always end up laughing hard.

He comforts me and makes me smile

Whenever I feel sad.


Zobbie might be imaginary

But he lives deep in my heart

I even drew his portrait

So I don’t forget as the years pass.


One day he will be gone

and I’ll remember him

For all the great and crazy things

He’d ever done for me.


I’ll be a grown up maybe with my own kids.

So I will tell them all about my dear friend Zobbie,

Who made me happy and wasn’t real

But he always existed to me.


About Aline: I’m a freelance translator with the goal of becoming a literary translator. I love reading but most of all I love to be able to transmit what authors write into another language so others can enjoy a good book, cultures, minds.


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2 Responses to #LoveMadeVisible: Zobbie, by Aline S. Iniestra

  1. Kristen C.S. says:

    I also had an imaginary somebody growing up, her name was Piji. And I too love translating and communicating in other languages. Thanks for sharing your poem! And good luck with your translation endeavors! =)

  2. I could almost see your imaginary friend from your descriptions. Thank-you for reminding us that love comes in many shapes.

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